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Outboard Products

EQ2484 | Dual Mono Classic Inductor Based Mastering / Recording Equalizer

Classic Analogue Design

Inductor Based EQ Filters

Active Hybrid’84 Discrete Circuitry

Transformer Coupled Inputs and Outputs

Made with Selected NOS Components

Handcrafted and Tested in England

Limited Number of Preamps Available!

500 Format Products

MP2570 | Dual Channel Studio Grade Mic Preamp in a Single 500 Slot

Assembled | DIY KIT

EQ5169 | Classic Baxandall 3 Band Equalizer from 80’s

Assembled | DIY KIT

Colour Preamps – Assembled | DIY KIT

C2584 | 2 Channel (Stereo) Colour Processor in One 500 Slot

MP568C | Studio Grade Mic Preamp with Germanium EQ and 2 Colour Slots Preamp

MP568C | Studio Grade Mic Preamp with 2 Colour Slots

Colour Modules – Assembled | DIY KIT

DOPA520 Discrete Operational Amplifier

Classic VCA Compressor

British Console

Discrete Saturation

Easy EQ Ge

Easy EQ Si

Colour Modules Bundle from 59USD

Available as The DIY KIT


500 Extension Lead