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MP568C | Ultra Low Noise Studio Grade Mic Preamp with 2 Colour Slots

Professional Grade Mic Preamp

VERUM’70 Studio Grade Reference Mic Preamp

Suitable for Processing The Line Level Signals

Discrete Balnced High Performance Mic Input Stage

Ultra Low Noise EIN=-128dBu @ 65dB of Gain

Ultra Low Distortions 0.07% THD @ 65dB of Gain

Discrete Class A High Impedance Instrument Input

2 Slots for DIYRE Colour Modules

Flexible Colours Routing Matrix

Compatible with DIYRE Colour Format

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MP568C | Low Noise Studio Grade Reference Mic Preamp

The MP568C is the Studio Grade ultra low noise Microphone Preamplifier with Instrument Input and 2 Colour Slots.

The MP568C is a perfect choice for demanding professional recording applications. The circuitry is based on high performance BURR-BROWN components which can be found only in the most expensive studio recording equipment.  

Discrete Direct Input is suitable for wide range of instruments such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, synths and any other signal source.

The MP568C Active Infinity Impedance Direct Input is ideal for acoustic instruments like Double-bass, usually equipped with piezo pickups. No more thin sound! Low end will be reproduced down to lowest note!

The input stage will easily handle high level input signals. Thanks to this MP568C can be used to process line level signal with Colour Modules without the input PAD.

The logarithmic Gain control allows to accurately set the signal level fed to Colours or to record from the microphone with selected Colour Module.

Addition of Colour Modules increases the flexibility of the MP568C. Simply insert your favourite Colour Module and transform the MP568C in to fully functional Vintage Mic Preamp!

Suitable for Processing The Line Level Signals

The MP568C can easily handle the Line Level Signals!

Simply reduce the level from the source such as DAW Interface by -12dB or more and use the Mic Input as the Line Input.

The PAD function in any Mic Preamp is a simple resistor divider which will increase the noise flor level.

It was used in old recording equipment due to the lack of better technical solution.

In modern studio almost any interface has the output level knob which can be used to reduce the output level. Same can be done in any sound editing software.

All Instruments and Vocal Recorded with MP568C + British Console Colour Module

      Waleska Harrera - Just Hold Me - HQ Track

The MP568C Review in MusicTech Magazine:

Listen to HQ 96k MP568C Sound Samples

      Guitar MP568C + AKG C214
      Guitar MP568C + AKG P170
      Guitar MP568C + RODE NT1-A
      Guitar MP568C + RODE NT2-A
      Male Vocal MP568C + AKG C214

2 Slots for Colour Modules | 2 Times More Creativity!

The MP568C has 2 slots for Colour Modules.

Perfect solution for recording vocals and instruments. Two slots can hold different Colour Modules which could be used to record different source without a need of replacing the colour for each take.

Both Colour Modules have separate Bypass switches providing hassle-free operation.

MP568 can also be very useful for post-processing. Ability to have 2 Colour Modules gives more flexibility for Recording and Tracking.

Each Colour Module has associated HUE LED providing easy identification of active Colour Modules.

Additional Information

Microphone Input Spec

Noise Performance:

Gain 12dB: -91dBu – noise floor
Gain 30dB: -86dBu – noise floor
Gain 65dB: EIN -128dBu

THD + Noise:

Gain 12dB: -0.2dB@10Hz / -0.2dB@20kHz / -2dB@62kHz
Gain 30dB: -0.2dB@10Hz / -0.3dB@20kHz / -2dB@61kHz
Gain 65dB: -0.3dB@10Hz / -0.3dB@20kHz / -2dB@60kHz

Instrument Input Spec

Noise Performance:

Gain 12dB: -87dBu – noise floor
Gain 30dB: -81dBu – noise floor
Gain 65dB: EIN -126dBu

THD + Noise:

Gain 12dB: -0.2dB@10Hz / -0.2dB@20kHz / -2dB@61kHz
Gain 30dB: -0.3dB@10Hz / -0.3dB@20kHz / -2dB@59kHz
Gain 65dB: -0.3dB@10Hz / -0.6dB@20kHz / -2dB@40kHz

Power Consumption

Lest than 30mA – no Colour Module

Compatible with any 500 rack.

MP568C User Manual
DIY KIT Assembly Documents
About Bart HRK

About Bart HRK

Analogue Design Engineer

Bart Hrk is an Analogue Design Engineer with extensive knowledge in designing analogue studio recording equipment based on discrete transistors and thermionic valves.

He is the IPC-CID (Certified Interconnect Designer) since 2014. He gained his skills during many years of designing the professional audio products as the freelancer and while working for some of the well-known companies in the pro-audio industry.

During that time he amassed his professional experience in developing projects from the product specification initial concept, through the prototyping stage towards manufacturing and mass production.

His overall know-how includes designing bespoke analogue audio circuitry, audio transformers, PCB layout development, hardware development and prototyping, project leading and management.

Professional Career History

FOCUSRITE Audio Engineering LTD – High Wycombe, Bucks
October 2010 – July 2013
Design Engineer | R&D
Projects: ISA2 Microphone Preamplifier, RED1 500 Microphone Preamplifier

AMS-NEVE LTD – Burnley, Lancashire
May 2009 – September 2010
Analogue Design Engineer | R&D
Projects: 1073LB Microphone Preamplifier, 2264 Compressor