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EQ5169 | Classic Baxandall 3 Band Equalizer from 80’s

Get The Sound of Classic Recording EQ from 80’s

Inspired by Famous Swiss Console Design

Made with Military Grade Vintage Integrated Circuits

In and Out Coupled with Custom HRK Transformers

3 Frequency Settings for Low Band

3 Frequency Settings for High Band

Sweepable Mids: 200Hz - 8kHz

+/-15dB Boost/Cut for Each Band

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DIY Friendly! Easy to build for Beginners.

Limited Number of Units Available!

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Get The Sound of The Mixing Desk from 80’s

Everybody loves the sound of Valve Recording Equipment from 50’s and 60’s or the Vintage Transistor Mic Preamps from 70’s.

But what with the Signature Sound of 80’s? This decade has also place in the history of Music Production…

That was the time when the integrated circuits became quite popular. Silicon Opamps encapsulated in the metal cans replaced the discrete circuitry creating new type of sound featured in many Greatest Hits from 80’s!

The EQ5169 is the first EQ which uses Vintage NOS Integrated Circuits. The same integrated circuits which were used in late 70’s and early 80’s in the Studio Recording Equipment. Those Components created the characteristic sound of old consoles from 80’s due to the limited bandwidth and specific distortion performance. Those first Opamps were the essential ingredient of the 80’s Sound!

With The EQ5169 you can get the original Sound of 80’s in your Recording Studio!

Coupled with Custom HRK Transformers

Input and Output of the EQ5169 are coupled with specially designed custom HRK Transformers.

Because of limited space in the 500 Unit, HRK Custom Transformers became smaller, still maintaining no-compromise performance.

All HRK transformers provides the sweet-spot sonic characteristic with pristine details reproduction.

The goal of the design process was to create the transformer which will deliver balance between the transparency and colouration typical for transformer stages.

The success was achieved by outside-the-box thinking during the design process and use of selected custom materials.

User Review

A close up of my first EQ builds, inspired by the extremely musical Studer 169 console EQs. Just like the original Swiss made consoles built in the 80s, these are Baxandall EQs, which is a type of EQ great for sweetening and general tone shaping. Also like the originals, these use 1980s ICs (integrated circuits) that add an almost SSL like edge and punch to the sound... but unlike the consoles, these have custom transformer coupled inputs and outputs. The transformers in addition to the bax curves make it near impossible for these EQs to sound stringent like certain SSL EQs can when pushed too hard, and it sacrifices some of the surgical possibilities for a much smoother, richer, and fuller tonality. Absolutely beautiful sounding on lead vocals, guitars (my 2nd favorite application), drums (my favorite application), and keyboards/synths, these little guys can cover a lot of ground even with seemingly limited high and low shelf frequency options. The sweepable midrange adds tons of versatility though, and just like some of the best transformer coupled units, simply running signal through these equalizers, even with the EQ circuitry bypassed, adds some warmths and life to the track. If you go to you can preorder either a DIY kit or preassembled unit from the next batch. Near unbelievable bang for your buck. - Michael Frasinelli ----------------------------------------------------- #nashvillemusic #diy #recordingstudio #musicstudio #equalizer #analog #gearhead #recording #mixing #mastering #master #studiolife #producerlife #audioengineer #audioengineering #musicproducer #eq #proaudio #drumkit #acoustic #acousticguitar #guitarplayer #indie #indierock #indiemusic #singersongwriter #popmusic #classicrock #rnbmusic #vintage

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Musical EQ Inspired by Swiss Design

The EQ5169 3 band EQ with the quasi-parametric Mids Control was inspired by very popular classic Swiss console design.

Although the EQ5169 may look simple but it gives almost infinite creative possibilities thanks to the musical EQ curves and the intuitive controls.

The LOW and HIGH Bands have 3 frequency settings selectable by 3 position toggle switches.

The sweepable MID section covers the frequencies between 200Hz and 8kHz.

All 3 Bands have boost/cut range of +/- 15dB.

The EQ5169 is very easy to use even for beginners and it is valuable addition to your studio toolbox!

NOTE: Demo Videos are showing previous version with Colour Knobs

The new Black Knob version is sonically identical with the previous version.

EQ5169 | Classic 3 Band EQ | Drums Demo

      Sound Track from Video

      Original Reference Sample

EQ5169 | Classic 3 Band EQ | Synth Demo

      Sound Track from the Video

      Original Reference Sample

EQ5169 | Classic 3 Band EQ | Guitar Demo

      Sound Track from Video

      Original Reference Sample

Additional Information


HIGH Band:

Frequency Settings: 6kHz, 8kHz, 10kHz

3 Position Toggle Switch

Range: +/- 15dB

Type: Shelf

LOW Band:

Frequency Settings: 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz

3 Position Toggle Switch

Range: +/- 15dB

Type: Shelf

MID Band:

Frequency Range: 200Hz – 8kHz

Sweepable – Potentiometer

Range: +/- 15dB

Type: Bell

THD: 0dBu – Input/Output Level

0.0135% @100Hz

0.0068% @1kHz

0.0071% @10kHz

THD: 18dBu – Max. Allowed Output Level

0.137% @100Hz – main source of THD for Low Frequencies –  input and output transformers.

0.0168% @1kHz

0.0271% @10kHz

Frequency response: 0dBu – EQ Out

-0.3dBr @10Hz

+0.1dBr @20kHz

Noise – EQ Out:

-92dBu @10Hz – 22kHz Bandwidth

 Input / Output

Balanced Transformer Input – XLR Rear Panel – Input Impedance 10k Ohms

Maximum input level: +3dBu at maximum +15dB boost of one Band.

Balanced Transformer Output – XRL Rear Panel

Maximum output level: +18dBu


No more than 30mA.

Compatible with any 500 Rack.

DIY KIT Documents

Download the EQ5619 Assembly Manual in PDF:
EQ5169 DIY KIT Assembly Manual REV4

Download the EQ5619 BOM in PDF:

EQ5169 Rev4 BOM

Component Qty Ref Name
10K 5 R11-12, R16, R25-26
10R 1 R22
1K 1 R24
1K2 2 R17-18
1k5 3 R19-21
1K8 2 R7-8
22K 2 R10, R13
470R or 1K 1 R23
5K1 1 R9
100K 2 R14-15
1000U 16V 1 C1
100N 50V 8 C20-21, C29-30, C35-36, C40-41
100N 1 C6
100P 3 C3, C17-18
100U 16V GOLD 3 C19, C31, C34
10N 1 C33
10P 1 C16
150N 1 C5
1N 5 C13-14, C37-39
220N 2 C11, C22
220U 16V 2 C101-102
22N 1 C32
470P 1 C15
Audio Transformers:
ATR4480 2 ATR1-2
BC337 2 T1-2
78L12 1 IC5
79L12 1 IC4
MAA50x 3 IC1-3
P 50KC Dual (Stereo) 1 POT4
P 10KB 3 POT1-3
Potentiometers Brackets 4 Use with POT1-4
About Bart HRK

About Bart HRK

Analogue Design Engineer

Bart Hrk is an Analogue Design Engineer with extensive knowledge in designing analogue studio recording equipment based on discrete transistors and thermionic valves.

He is the IPC-CID (Certified Interconnect Designer) since 2014. He gained his skills during many years of designing the professional audio products as the freelancer and while working for some of the well-known companies in the pro-audio industry.

During that time he amassed his professional experience in developing projects from the product specification initial concept, through the prototyping stage towards manufacturing and mass production.

His overall know-how includes designing bespoke analogue audio circuitry, audio transformers, PCB layout development, hardware development and prototyping, project leading and management.

Professional Career History

FOCUSRITE Audio Engineering LTD – High Wycombe, Bucks
October 2010 – July 2013
Design Engineer | R&D
Projects: ISA2 Microphone Preamplifier, RED1 500 Microphone Preamplifier

AMS-NEVE LTD – Burnley, Lancashire
May 2009 – September 2010
Analogue Design Engineer | R&D
Projects: 1073LB Microphone Preamplifier, 2264 Compressor