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Easy EQ Ge | The Germanium EQ Colour Module

Two Bands Passive EQ - Bass / Treble

Boost: +14dB / Cut: -12dB on both bands

NOS Germanium Transistors from 60’s

Soft Clipping Circuitry for Extra Harmonics

Completely Discrete Class A Signal Path

Military Grade Soviet Capacitors

Compatible with DIYRE Colour Format

Fully assembled, tested and ready to use!

Handcrafted and Tested in England

Limited Number of Modules Available!

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Brand new, fully assembled, tested and ready to use.
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Get the Best Sound from Colours!

Easy EQ Ge is the easiest way to improve the sound of your Colour Modules!

Germanium Class A stage will add dimension bringing out the details.

Passive EQ and discrete soft-clipping circuitry boost gently Low’s and High’s adding juicy 2nd order harmonics.

Even if used alone Easy EQ Ge will dramatically improve the sonic qualities on any signal passed through the Color Palette or CP5.

Because Easy EQ Ge sounds so good it can be used as a tool for mastering tracks or finished mix!

Listen to HD Sound Samples!

Guitar Samples - Easy EQ Ge - All additional Colour Modules Bypassed.

      Acoustic Guitar Dry

      Acoustic Guitar Easy EQ Ge
Female Vocal Samples - Easy EQ Ge - All additional Colour Modules Bypassed.

      Female Vocal Dry

      Female Vocal Easy EQ Ge
Female Vocal Samples - 15IPS Tape Saturation and TM79 Multi-Stage Saturation switched IN.

      Electro Less Saturation

      Electro More Saturation

SAVE in Bundle | Special Offer!

The MP568C has 2 slots for Colour Modules.

It means that you can use two Colour Modules for recording or mastering.

Both Colour Modules have separate Bypass switches and HUE LED providing hassle-free operation.

The Easy EQ Ge and the Easy EQ Si are shelf passive Highs / Lows Equalizer Colour Modules.

Very useful for mastering the separate track or the finished mix. Both Colour Modules are based on NOS (Germanium or Silicon) discrete transistors.

Discrete Saturation is simple and effective way to get the Tone similar to sound produced by Vintage Recording Consoles. Made with Germanium and Silicon discrete transistors.

Easy EQ Ge DIY KIT Documents

Easy EQ Ge DIY KIT Assembly Manual

Download BOM: Easy EQ Ge BOM