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DOPA520 Discrete Opamp | The Ultimate Mastering Colour Module!

Professional Mastering Series

Inspired by Famous Classic USA Opamp Design

Designed for Professional Mastering

Adds Harmonics and Space

Enhances Details and Glues to the Mix!

Makes the Sound more Alive

Vinatge Silicon Transistors in The Input Stage

Made with High Quality Discrete Components

On-Board Voltage Regulators and Rack PSU Filtering

Limited Number of Modules Available!

Multibuy Special Offer!

Buy 2 and Get -5% Discount!

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DOPA520 | The Ultimate Mastering Colour Module

The DOPA520 has a unique ability to enhance any audio signal by highlighting the details, amplifying the harmonics and adding space to the track

The main use of the DOPA520 is the Mastering of the finished Mix when used in the mixbus section.

DOPA520 can be used also during the recording. Any signal source, instruments or vocals will benefit from the unique qualities of the DOPA520.

The DOPA520 will enhance the effect of any other Colour Module installed in the signal chain.

Mastering Colour Bundles with DOPA520 are available on this page at the discounted price.

DOPA520 does not introduce any gain nor the phase shift and does not change the frequency response.

It works it’s Magic thanks to unique design and selection of high quality components!

High Performance Discrete Operational Amplifier

The DOPA520 is a Studio Grade Discrete Operational Amplifier Colour Module made with selected high quality components.

The design of DOPA520 was inspired by classic Discrete Opamp designed in USA. The original design was optimized for Mastering purposes and to achieve the superior audio performance.

The DOPA520 is using Vintage Silicon transistors in the input stage. This is another reason why the DOPA520 delivers outstanding tone shaping results.

The interferences from the 500 rack switch mode power supply may become real problem for professional studio applications.

On-board Voltage Regulators ensures the ideal operation conditions and filter-out any residual harmonics and interferences from the 500 Rack PSU.

Audio Samples

DOPA520 Audio MP3 Samples

All samples (including DRY Samples) recorded with C2584 in stereo setup.

      Club Track Dry

      Club Track DOPA520

      Club Track 2 Dry

      Club Track 2 DOPA520

      Electric Guitar Dry

      Electric Guitar DOPA520

      Acoustic Guitar Dry

      Acoustic Guitar DOPA520

      Disco Track Dry

      Disco Track DOPA520

      Jazz Track Dry

      Jazz Track DOPA520

      Female Vocal Dry

      Female Vocal DOPA520

      Male Vocal Dry

      Male Vocal DOPA520

British Console + DOPA520 Mastering Bundle MP3 Samples

Signal Path: British Console -> DOPA520

All samples (including DRY Samples) recorded with C2584 in stereo setup.

      Club Track Dry

      Club Track British Console + DOPA520

      Club Track 2 Dry

      Club Track 2 British Console + DOPA520

      Electric Guitar Dry

      Electric Guitar British Console + DOPA520

      Country Dry

      Country British Console + DOPA520

      Jazz Track Dry

      Jazz Track British Console + DOPA520

      Female Vocal Dry

      Female Vocal British Console + DOPA520

Discrete Saturation + DOPA520  Mastering Bundle MP3 Samples

Signal Path: Discrete Saturation -> DOPA520

All samples (including DRY Samples) recorded with C2584 in stereo setup.

      Club Track Dry

      Club Track Discrete Saturation + DOPA520

      Club Track 2 Dry

      Club Track 2 Discrete Saturation + DOPA520

      Electric Guitar Dry

      Electric Guitar Discrete Saturation + DOPA520

      Jazz Track Dry

      Jazz Track Discrete Saturation + DOPA520

      Female Vocal Dry

      Female Vocal Discrete Saturation + DOPA520

Special Offers

Total Gain: 0dB

Phase Shift:  Non

Frequency Response: -0.1dBr@10Hz  – +0.2dBr@22kHz

Current Consumption: up to 10mA per Colour Module

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About Bart HRK

About Bart HRK

Analogue Design Engineer

Bart Hrk is an Analogue Design Engineer with extensive knowledge in designing analogue studio recording equipment based on discrete transistors and thermionic valves.

He is the IPC-CID (Certified Interconnect Designer) since 2014. He gained his skills during many years of designing the professional audio products as the freelancer and while working for some of the well-known companies in the pro-audio industry.

During that time he amassed his professional experience in developing projects from the product specification initial concept, through the prototyping stage towards manufacturing and mass production.

His overall know-how includes designing bespoke analogue audio circuitry, audio transformers, PCB layout development, hardware development and prototyping, project leading and management.

Professional Career History

FOCUSRITE Audio Engineering LTD – High Wycombe, Bucks, UK
October 2010 – July 2013
Design Engineer | R&D
Projects: ISA2 Microphone Preamplifier, RED1 500 Microphone Preamplifier

AMS-NEVE LTD – Burnley, Lancashire, UK
May 2009 – September 2010
Analogue Design Engineer | R&D
Projects: 1073LB Microphone Preamplifier, 2264 Compressor