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Bart HRK Colour Modules

Colours are miniature Hardware Analogue Plugins which emulate The Full Size Studio Equipment. Each Colour Module is different and impacts the sound in the unique way.

Some Colour Module are made with NOS Discrete Components and Valves adding the harmonics to the signal. Other are fully functional Equalizers or Compressors.

Learn more about growing selection of HRK Colour Modules!

British Console | Classic Active 2 Band Discrete Transistor EQ

DOPA520 | Mastering Discrete Operational Amplifier

British Console | Sound of Classic British Mic Preamp!

Easy EQ Si | Silicon EQ Colour Module

Easy EQ Ge | Germanium EQ Colour Module

Classic VCA Compressor | Studio Grade VCA Compressor

Discrete Saturation | Sound of the Vintage Recording Console

Colour Modules Bundles