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C2584 | 2 Channel (Stereo) Colour Processor in One 500 Slot

SAVE Your Money and Space in 500 Rack!

2 Colour Slots per Channel - 4 In Total

High Quality ALPS Potentiometers

0.2dB Matching Between Channels

Stereo Balanced Inputs

Stereo Balanced Outputs

Individual Bypass Switch for Each Colour Module

Colour Input and Output Level Control for each Channel

Studio Grade Texas Instruments Opamps

Output Adapter Included

DIY Friendly / Easy to Build for Beginners

Limited Number of Preamps Available!

Order C2584 – Assembled

SAVE 178USD on Half Price Colour Modules Pair!

Brand new, fully assembled, tested and ready to use.
EU, UK, Canada, Australia, USA from 9.99USD!
Dispatched from European Union within 3-5 working days.

369USD 259USD

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Order C2584 – DIY KIT

SAVE up to 118USD on Half Price Colour Bundle!

Complete DIY KIT.
EU, UK, Canada, Australia, USA from $9.99!
Dispatched within 3-5 working days.

249USD 147USD

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C2584 Special Offer!!!

Get C2584 Colour Bundle and SAVE More Money!

Select Colour Bundle Option with 2 or 4 Colour Modules.

Create your own Bundle with any 

Bart HRK Colours!


Orders from USA bellow 800USD are custom free.
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Do The Same Job with One C2584!

C2584 is a Dual Mono (Stereo) Colour Processor unit which fits in a single 500 rack space.

C2584 can be used for Mastering and to process line level signals from DAW or electronic instruments.

Each Channel has 2 Colour Module Slots compatible with DIYRE Colour Format – 4 Colour Modules in total per single 500 rack space.

Left and Right channels can be connected in series (with additional TRS cable) to use all 4 Colour Modules in Mono configuration.

Left and Right channels have separate balanced Line Inputs on the Front Panel.

Pair of standard TRS cables are required to process the stereo signal or two independent tracks.

Use your favorite Colour Modules to do the Mastering of your finished Stereo MIX.

Listen to HD Audio Samples from the A/B Video


      DRUMS - 1073LB


C2584 is Easy to Use!

Each Stereo Channel has INPUT LEVEL control and OUTPUT LEVEL control knob.

Each of the 2 Colour Modules (per channel) can be bypassed by individual Bypass Switch.

Each channel has fixed gain of +18dB. The level of the signal which is sent to the Colour Modules is controlled by the INPUT LEVEL (L or R) knob.

The OUTPUT LEVEL (L or R) knob controls the level of the output signal from the Colour Modules, which is also the output level of the C2584 unit.

All control pots are carefully matched to ensure correct stereo operation. C2584 is perfect for post-processing and Mastering!

The C2584 has High Headroom balanced line inputs based on Studio Grade Texas Instruments operational amplifiers.

You can safely send hot signals from your DAW system to saturate Colour Modules.


The matching between Left and Right channel is less than 0.2dB!!!

Get the best solution for your Mastering task with Colour Modules!

Use Your Imagination and Create!

Typically, to do the mastering of the stereo track 2 separate 500 Modules are required. Which means spending twice more money on Colour Preamps and wasting valuable space in expensive 500 rack.

C2584 solves this problem! C2584 is the Stereo Colour Processor with 2 Colour Slots per Channel. Simply insert your favorite Colour Modules and Master you mixed track.

The only limit is your imagination!

Plug in the British Console Colour Module and get the sound of the Classic Recording Desk from 70’s.

Switch in the Discrete Saturation with germanium transistors clipping stage and become a producer of the Big-Beat band!

The DOPA520 has a unique ability to enhance any audio signal by highlighting the details, amplifying the harmonics and adding space to the track

The main use of the DOPA520 is the Mastering of the finished Mix when used in the mixbus section.

C2584 in Mastering Aplication – Listen to HD Audio Samples!

British Console + DOPA520 Mastering Bundle MP3 Samples

All samples (including DRY Samples) recorded with C2584 in stereo setup.

      Club Track Dry

      Club Track British Console + DOPA520

      Club Track 2 Dry

      Club Track 2 British Console + DOPA520

      Electric Guitar Dry

      Electric Guitar British Console + DOPA520

      Country Dry

      Country British Console + DOPA520

      Jazz Track Dry

      Jazz Track British Console + DOPA520

      Female Vocal Dry

      Female Vocal British Console + DOPA520

Discrete Saturation + DOPA520 Mastering Bundle MP3 Samples

All samples (including DRY Samples) recorded with C2584 in stereo setup.

      Club Track Dry

      Club Track Discrete Saturation + DOPA520

      Club Track 2 Dry

      Club Track 2 Discrete Saturation + DOPA520

      Electric Guitar Dry

      Electric Guitar Discrete Saturation + DOPA520

      Jazz Track Dry

      Jazz Track Discrete Saturation + DOPA520

      Female Vocal Dry

      Female Vocal Discrete Saturation + DOPA520

Get the C2584 in bundle with 500 Extesion Lead and SAVE More Money!!!

500 Extension Lead provides hassle free access to the Colour Preamps and Colour Modules.

You can easily change arrangement and the settings of the Colour Modules without the need of removing the Colour Preamp from the 500 Rack.

500 Extension Lead provides 12″ / 30cm of extension.

Normal price of 500 Extension Lead: $69


Additional Information

Line Input

Input Impedance: 10k Ohms for balanced signals – TRS Jack / 5k Ohms for unbalanced signals – TS Jack.

Total Gain: +18dB – Measured on the output, all level knobs set to maximum. All Colour Modules Bypassed.

Inputs: Each Channel: Electronic Balanced, TRS Jack Socket – Front Panel

Input Headroom: +10dBu – equivalent of +24dBu sent to Colour Modules – Input Level control pot set to maximum.

Line Output

Balanced Electronic Dual Mono Output – rear panel. XLR Adapter included.

User Manual
DIY KIT Documents
Current Consumption

Current Consumption up to 30mA – no colour modules installed.

Compatible with all standard 500 racks.

About Bart HRK

About Bart HRK

Analogue Design Engineer

Bart Hrk is an Analogue Design Engineer with extensive knowledge in designing analogue studio recording equipment based on discrete transistors and thermionic valves.

He is the IPC-CID (Certified Interconnect Designer) since 2014. He gained his skills during many years of designing the professional audio products as the freelancer and while working for some of the well-known companies in the pro-audio industry.

During that time he amassed his professional experience in developing projects from the product specification initial concept, through the prototyping stage towards manufacturing and mass production.

His overall know-how includes designing bespoke analogue audio circuitry, audio transformers, PCB layout development, hardware development and prototyping, project leading and management.

Professional Career History

FOCUSRITE Audio Engineering LTD – High Wycombe, Bucks
October 2010 – July 2013
Design Engineer | R&D
Projects: ISA2 Microphone Preamplifier, RED1 500 Microphone Preamplifier

AMS-NEVE LTD – Burnley, Lancashire
May 2009 – September 2010
Analogue Design Engineer | R&D
Projects: 1073LB Microphone Preamplifier, 2264 Compressor