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British Console | The Sound of Classic British Mic Preamp!

Professional / Studio Grade Colour Module

Inspired by Classic British Mic Preamp Design

Class A Discrete Vintage Circuitry

Two Independent Discrete Semi-Opamps

NOS Silicon Transistors from 60’s and 70’s

Optimised for 2nd Order Harmonics

Asymmetrical Clipping Patern

3 Modes of Operation

8/16dB Gain Mode for Extra Saturation and Recording

On Board Voltage Regulators

Fully assembled and ready to use!

Handcrafted and Tested in England

Limited Number of Modules Available!

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Brand new, fully assembled, tested and ready to use.
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DIY KIT: $49
Assembled: $79

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The Tone of Classic Birtish Console!

British Console delivers the sound of the Vintage British Mic Preamp in the compact and affordable Colour Module Format!

The British Console Colour Module circuitry relates to the heritage of the famous British mic preamp designed and launched in 70’s.

The British Console Colour Module adds subtle saturation and compression to the signal in all modes of operation. In normal conditions British Console produces less than 0.3% of THD - mostly second harmonics.

Although the British Console module is not an overdrive colour, it can be driven harder to achieve more audible results. Depending on music material it will produce different results due to the asymmetrical clipping behaviour.

Designed for Professional Use!

The British Console Colour Module was designed specifically for professional studio use.

The circuitry was optimised for low noise performance. On-board voltage regulators stabilise supply rails and filter-out any power supply noise.

This is very important since many 500 racks are equipped with Switch Mode Power supply which may introduce switcher noise.

The British Console Colour Module can be used for recording and for mastering tracks or finished mixdown.

All Instruments and Vocal Recorded with MP568C + British Console Colour Module.

      Waleska Harrera - Just Hold Me - HQ Track

Listen to HQ 96k British Console Sound Samples

Samples Processed with C2584 and British Console Colour Module

      Drums Dry
      Drums Less Drive
      Drums Medium Drive
      Drums More Drive
      Electric Guitar Dry
      Electric Guitar Less Drive
      Electric Guitar Medium Drive
      Electric Guitar More Drive
      Guitar Dry
      Guitar Less Drive
      Guitar Medium Drive
      Guitar More Drive
      Guitar 2 Dry
      Guitar 2 Less Drive
      Guitar 2 Medium Drive
      Guitar 2 More Drive

Less Drive=25% | Medium Drive=50% | More Drive=75%

      Bass Synth Dry
      Bass Synth Less Drive
      Bass Synth Medium Drive
      Bass Synth More Drive
      Female Vocals Dry
      Female Vocals Less Drive
      Female Vocals Medium Drive
      Female Vocals More Drive
      Male Vocals Dry
      Male Vocals Less Drive
      Male Vocals Medium Drive
      Male Vocals More Drive

Circuitry From Classic British Console

British Console Colour Module contains 2 independent Discrete Opamps.

Each Opamp is built with 3 NOS Vintage Transistors made in 60’s and 70’s. Similar type of transistor which were used to built most famous classic British recording consoles.

The technology of manufacturing transistors in 60’s and 70’s was far different than today. This is why older classic recording equipment produces completely different type of sound.

Use the British Console Colour Module together with the MP568C for recording and get the sound of Classic British Mic Preamp!

The British Console is perfect for Recording and Mastering!

British Console has 3 modes of operation. The gain of each of the on-board Opamp can be set to 0dB or to +8dB. For Mastering purposes the gain of both Opamps should set to 0dB.

Best results can be achieved at moderate drive levels, before the audible clipping appears. Such application will produce warm, little bit compressed and saturated sound.

Even if the overall gain is 0dB, Opamps are still operating with +8dB of gain producing harmonics and colouring the sound. The British Console colour module will always produce warm harmonics regardless the application.

For recording total of +8dB or +16dB gain should be set. When used with MP568C, British Console creates fully functional Classic Mic Preamp! You can record in real time, with real life analogue hardware!

Third option is to set +8dB of gain only with one Opamp. This can be useful for processing the line level signals ea. from synth or keyboard.

British Console DIY KIT Documents

British Console DIY KIT Assembly Manual
British Console DIY KIT BOM

Download the BOM: British Console REV2 – BOM