C2584 User Manual

The C2584 is dual mono (stereo) colour processor unit with 4 colour modules slots. Each independent channel has 2 colour slots connected in series. Each colour module can be engaged or disengaged by the designated bypass switch.

Each channel has the INPUT LEVEL knob and OUTPUT LEVEL knob. The input stage of each channel has fixed gain of +12dB. INPUT LEVEL knob controls the signal level sent to the… Read more!

Neumann V472 Racking Project

Neumann is well known name in the world of professional studio recording equipment. V72 is probably the most famous preamplifier made by this manufacturer.

V472 is transistor based microphone preamplifier. Each module contains two independent channels. The gain of each channel can be set up to 40dB. Inputs and outputs are transformer coupled.

Neumann V472 modules can be found on eBay or purchased from other online retailers. Usually modules come without power supply and without input or output connectors. This means that preamps are useless.

This article presents racking solution which converts V472 modules in to the very valuable studio equipment

Learn More: https://barthrk.co.uk/neumann-v472-microphone-premplifier-module-racking-project/